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Coming soon!  I'm creating a mini digital course based on what YOU need most.  This will be a low priced digital course that you can consume and implement quickly. However, before I create it, I need to know what YOU want the most.  Click the link below to tell me what you are looking for and get a chance to win a free podcast strategy session.

Online courses

Sounds like fun!

If you've been creating your podcast for awhile now but can't seem to get enough downloads, you may want me to cast an eye over your whole process.  In the podcast audit we meet twice, and I do a complete review of your systems. After I identify areas to improve and recommendations I create a growth roadmap for you.

Podcast Audit

Ok, need this now!

My 1:1 podcast marketing strategy consulting is designed for entrepreneurs and who use their podcast as their form of expert content but who can't seem to get traction on their podcast.  I help you identify which areas you need to focus on in order to grow your podcast, create binge-worthy content, and learn how to promote it with streamlined processes.

1:1 consult

Ways to Work Together

Hey!  My name is Kristin and I help entrepreneurs grow their podcast so that they can maximize their visibility and position themselves as an expert in their niche.

I created and grew my own successful podcast to the top 20% of all podcasts and want to share some of the best tips I learned along the way.

Best of all, most of this is easy to implement and can make a massive impact in your progress quickly!

Podcast coach, World Traveller, and mama to 2

Meet your coach!

I want saavvy promotional tips that will help me get scrappy with my podcast marketing.

I want to learn how to use social media to better promote my episodes.

I want to streamline my podcasting process to make my life easier and reduce the time it takes.

I have a lot of value to share but no-one seems to be listening to my podcast episodes. I want more downloads!!

Is this right for me?

I hit the top 20% of all podcasts in my first 18 months of podcasting and you can too!

-Andrea Palten

Before I did a podcast audit with Kristin I wanted to know how to get more people to notice the podcast and get more reviews. I have to say that Kristin knows her stuff!!! She advised me on a solid strategy that grew my podcast. Exactly what I needed!

 Kristin is a strategist and really understands how to start and grow a podcast. I'm so happy I worked with her. I highly recommend her!

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